I'm so much inspired with the life story of Chris Gardner. (As much as Dr. Patch Adams inspires me) Haven't heard of this man? We'll you will in my following posts! :"> His story is very inspiring and it will surely lift your spirits and will keep you moving, no matter how hard things may become. Have you seen the movie "Pursuit of Happyness"? That's his life story! I have seen this movie thrice (now i want the book so bad!), I was inspired but wasn't really able to take it to heart. Not until lately. The thought just popped into my mind and so I looked for it over the web. Searched for this guy Chris Gardner. Saw his videos, amazing guy with great virtues. I'm just really moved by his words, thoughts and what he have went through. His story moved me dramatically, maybe it has something to do with what I am going through lately. I admire Chris Gardner for his strength and for his love for his son. And I want to quote what he said:

But when I look back at the journey from homelessness to prosperity, I hold one thing dearer than all else my commitment to my son. - Chris Gardnerer

Anyway, Chris Gardner is a millionaire, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and philanthropist who, during the early 1980s, struggled with homelessness while raising his toddler son, Christopher, Jrs (via wikipedia). Chris' career path changed dramatically after a chain of events left him jobless, homeless, and the single parent of his infant son. Despite the negative situation, he continued to fight toward his goal of becoming a stockbroker, eventually landing a job as a trainee and rising through the ranks at such companies as Dean Witter and Bear Stearns to his current standing—president and founder of a successful Chicago-based brokerage fi rm, Gardner Rich & Co.

His extraordinary story illustrates the nurturing and sustaining power of positive role models. Gardner proudly acknowledges those who guided him—a mother who kept him grounded, uncles who served in the military, and Reverend Cecil Williams, who assisted he and his son at the Glide soup kitchen in San Francisco so many years ago. Gardner’s belief in himself and his dreams, along with his refusal to give in to self-doubt, inspires audiences and confirms that life is full of possibility if you put your heart into it and don’t give up.

As for me, I only have this words to say to myself specially when times get tough. "Don't Give Up." This enough can keep me going. And you, yes you! Are you going through the hardest and darkest days of your life? Just keep going, never give up better days are coming. :">


Yes, I have seen that movie too. It tugs at the heart and make the viewer admire his grit and determination to succeed in spite of all adversities in life. I hope and pray that you have already recovered from the trial you have been through. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.