Life Changing Decisions

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision." ~Anthony Robbins

Decision making. I admit that this is one thing that I'm not very good at. I find it hard to decide on something, even on small things like what to wear to work, what gift to buy, or what movie to watch. I find myself always unsure of something. Maybe because I grew up depending on my parents. Somehow I learned to be independent when I became a mother yet I still depend on my partner more often. I am used to of having someone to decide for me or do things for me. I find it hard to decide on myself, I always search for people's approval and make sure that what I would decide on is agreeable for everyone. So you see, you could quite picture out how I am when it comes to decision making. But then recently I have made a life changing decision and I am damn sure of it.

Today was my last day working for Eversun Software Phil. Corp. I submitted my resignation letter last week and since I don't have a client my resignation took an immediate effect. Coming up with this decision was not easy but with constant prayers, I knew in my heart what God wants me to do. Everything just fell into place and when I finally made up my mind, I know I was sure of it and no one can stop me. I seldom wanted something so bad, and this is one of them. I wanted to quit work and focus with my family. Specially now that my lil kiddo's going to school this coming June, I feel the strong desire of being there for him. To guide me and support him as goes out into the world and start building connections with other kids. Time flies so fast, my baby is a baby no more!! :'( He'll be turning 4 this June and he's growing real fast. I miss the baby I used to cradle but I love him still, loving him more!

Tomorrow morning I will wake up as a full-time stay at home mom to my beautiful son Ayne, and while I am excited for this future I will never forget the career that I have truly enjoyed at Eversun Software Philippine Corp. Goodbye to all my friend and colleagues here, I am thankful for all the great memories. Thanks for 3 great years! ^^, I will miss all of you. I wish the best for the company and it's future endeavors.

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