I have always wanted to go shopping online because there are a lot of pretty things I see online that I don't get to see here in our local stores. But I'm always hesitant because I'm too afraid to use my credit card online, you knw for safety reasons. But when I started earning money online, I made my very first purchase on Ebay. I don't have to reveal what it was, but it was a gift for myself for doing such a great job! *blush What I liked about online shopping is that you could find the best deals and discounts, you could easily compare prices, and you could actually save money on shopping. 

Are you familiar with Black Friday sale? It's  the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The stores usually opens before dawn and dangle deep discounts to lure customers out of bed. Some deal-seekers even show up in pajamas! Well, with online shopping we have Cyber Monday sale! Yaaaay! You don't have to fight for your life in those tight crowd of zoombie shoppers. LOL You could land the best cybermonday deals from gadgets to shoes and accessories that would be perfect for holiday gifts! :') 


I have never tried online shopping. It's never too early though to begin our Christmas shopping. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Me too, I'm also hesitant about shopping and I'm itching since there are lot of less-percent sales in the mall.

I agree that there are best deals online. And I also add that there are good finds in online shops but delivery fee is a pain in my arse if it's a U.S. based.
Sujay said…
So beautiful the site is.Thank you.
Bojoy said…
@kuya mel: thanks for dropping by kuya mel, as usual you never fail to comment on my posts, thankseee! :)

@otakore: yes, the pain is with the additional shipping fee. I only buy items on the internet if it's something unique. something i don't usually see in the mall. thanks for dropping by! :)

@sujay: thank you!! :)