In most cases, I'd always find myself bored in a middle of a brain-crunching work. And in several situations, I found myself giving in to relax my brain neurons for even for a while. If my too tired to write, (I normally write to get off from boredom) I would play TETRIS! It's a game on Facebook, I guess everyone knows about that. Never got tired of playing this classic game. I could still remember the good old days when me and my sister would go head to head playing TETRIS on our family computer. I could also remember very well the cheer dancers that would go down tumbling during half time. LOL (sounds like a basketball game) It just so happened earlier that I thought of recording the game :"> just a random thought out of no where. Or maybe so I could have something to blog. =p I'm on Facebook everyday since my recent assignment's developing and managing Facebook FanPages so I have a more than 50% chance (make that 90%) of getting tempted on playing Tetris. :)) Yet, I know my limits so don't worry too much about me. *GRIN*

Here's a little sneak preview of my game earlier. Enjoy! :'> How about you? What do you when boredom strikes? -.-'

I earned enough coins to buy those heart-designed blogs, colored ghosts and sakura bombs.
 But too bad they will expire in seven days.


I love tetris too :) ..