This is actually a late post, I've always wanted to post our Dinosaur adventure but was too busy. Finally, I am able to squeeze some time to write about it! :)

Dinosaurs Alive! is an animatronic dinosaur themed area located at several Cedar Fair parks. Kings Island was the first park to open the attraction in 2011, while the other parks opened their attraction in 2012 or 2013. The version of this attraction at Kings Island is the world's largest animatronic dinosaur park. - Wikipedia

Last April, Dinosaurs Alive came to Davao. DINOSAURS ALIVE exhibited 10 life size robotic dinosaurs. Moving, breathing, sounding life size dinosaurs from the USA and Australia. Sounds cool right?!

When I learned about this from Dad, I knew we have to go see those dinosaurs! You see, Ayne is kind of let's say, 'obsessed' with Dinosaurs. Yes, you've read that right. He loves Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time, Disney's Dinosaurs and may even love any dinosaur movie there is to see! He can even mimic their moves and sounds - he's pretty good at it too! Dad gave us 3 free tickets. YAAAYY!!! We're able to save 750 pesos. When I broke the news to the little guy, oh boy he was so excited about it. For a little kid who loves dinosaurs, it was a dream come true! Also, it was very nice of Peterson for sparing us a day knowing how busy he is with work and considering it was a weekday. Originally, we wanted to go  there during the night so we could experience the light effects. Okay, that was actually my plan, I just thought it would be nicer to go there during the night. :)  We went there around noon instead because I have a doctor's appointment afterwards. Also, Ayne was just too excited to see the dinosaurs that he cannot wait for evening to come.

Luckily when we got there, no one was around. Yes, we had the place all by ourselves! Only us and the dinosaurs! It was a good decision to come early after all. Ayne was ecstatic! He was just so amazed to his favorites, the Long neck and the T-Rex. It was a fun-filled day, thanks to Dinosaurs Alive for making our little guy's dream came true! :)

Here's some of our photos during our adventure.