Funny, because I swear I heard hubby arrived 20 minutes ago, though I didn't heard the car's engine, but I heard the gate banged and heard him talked to Jeck (the factory's care taker). I waited for him and was wondering what's taking him so long to come inside the house. Then now (2 minutes ago), I heard the car outside the gate. There he was, he just arrived. :O But I swear I really heard him, I really did! :| Or was it only in my mind?

 I remember something happened like this with me and my sister. We heard mom called us from downstairs so we hurriedly raced to meet her but to our dismay no one's in the living room. We thought maybe mom came out for a while and went to a store a few blocks away. We waited for her to come back from wherever she might went. We waited and waited till 30 minutes passed and someone came into the door. It was mom. We curiously asked her what took her so long and what did she bought from the store. She just said, she just arrived straight from work. :O Me and my sister were confused and mystified because we swore it was really mom's voice we heard, loud and clear. But how come? How did we heard her voice when she's not even there? MOMO! :))

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