im going out today!Ü i gotta breathe some fresh air, this week had been very exhausting, depressing and all. me and Beb had a big fight, and it almost ended. ALMOST! hmf! But decided to give it another shot. I actually prayed for it, and now we're still together. I think nothing can break us apart huh?! haha I love him though, so y not. But yet i have to break free from my chain and explore the world. been so caught up with my Petpet, my world just kinda revolved around him and now i have to see the world! i was lost for sometime hahahahaha........... now Im coming out!!!!!!!!!! Wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Meeting my friends later. and i would like to let this baggages out! they're getting heavy to carry. bubyE!Ü