i was not able to go home last night cause i went partying wit my friends, all night! hahaha it was really breaking free huh? i just miss those days were we used to go out, doing nothing much but just partee all night. have few drinks until we get tipsy. few huh?? hahaha i miss that so so much. I haven't done that for along time because of Beb. You know he gets jealous with my friends. and deosnt want me going out whre he knows a lot of men are standing by. Paranoid! and finally I was able to do it again! anways, last night was fun.. i night of revelation and partee..! hahaha it was one hell of a night and it was very memorable. Petpet's not able to track me down weeee.. i met molit's boSs in a bar and few of his officemates. and then we went to 183 a disco bar and had fUn! I would no longer write the details. I know you know what goes inside a disco bar ayt?Ü

havta go now. meeting Peterson in an hour.Ü I think an argument is about to happen AGAIN! He was mad about last night. but he doesn't know anything though. . *winx* better to keep it to myself haha