It's Me! =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hi there! This is me, this is the girl behind this blog. Come and join my in my journey through life. I have nothing much to say for now, but you will surely know me better. I am currently busy (very!)  working on my thesis, now that I'm on my 4th year in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I've been so exhausted these past few weeks, been very busy in school, and unluckily another problem came up too! Problems that would really affect your whole being, that is the matter of the hearts. You know what I mean right? It really eats you up and it hurts like hxll! But oh well that's how life anyway. The good thing though is that we're trying to work things out, and I really mean TRYING. I just hope everything goes well before Christmas Day para happy happy lang.

Got to go! =) Peace ya'll!

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