Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When we get hurt we cry a lot.. I've cried alot of times and i dont feel ashamed of it. Others say that crying is a sign of weakness, but the hell! who cares! Sakit eh! Of yours to get the pain out of your system the best outlet is to cry. You just have to let it out, or else! Nah! Sa dihang buto! =) Well, ive been through a lot of pain just last month (ahihihi confession na to').. It hurt like hell! u could only imagine how painful it was.. But still i was willing to forgive and give the guy a chance. Why im so tanga? U would ask? It just because my heart is loving genuinely(char! pasabta gyod ko!)I really gave him a chance inspite of what he have done. Its hard to regain everything what we used to have.. But the fact that i still love him gives me enough reason to give it another chance. Pero if this wnt work duh! DIli nako! Kapoi na noh! I gave everything but sometimes things happen, sometimes things doesnt always go ur way. Things that uv never wished or even dared to imagined to happen, happens. But oh well, things just happen and it happens for a reason. That reason may be unknown or hard to accept but it gives u lessons.. =) and still ul still be thankful for it no matter how painful it was.. And now, here i am. taking things easy this time. I see to it that i would left somthing for myself and not just only him.. We're still together,and we're fixing things hoping for the the best things to happen. God be our guide. =)

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