The year is ending...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh well, the year's gonna end.. It's been quite a year for me, really memorable. I've been inlove, been hurt, cried the sh*t out of me, get up and lived life again. Continued living.. It's too much waste to keep on crying because of something. I just want to live my life, enjoy whatever it has to offer me. I may fall down again, but that's okey. Thats life anyway! =) We fall and we get up again. The month of May was a month of love.. It was the month where love have bloomed. And it continued for several months.. October was also a month of love, i could smell it and feel it run through my veins LOL. But November was like hell! But I am trying to be okay, I am slowing coping up with things.. There's a millions of things to be busy with other that love. I just have to continue living... =)

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