Monday, March 27, 2006

WoohOoo!!! Finally! I am a graduate!!! No more school! It happened yesterday!*uber big grin* Our helper woke me early, and i mean very early. It was like 3 in the morning because we need to be at school before 6:30AM (that would be the time we'd march inside the auditorium), and our school was like 40mins-1hour drive away from our house. I was really sleepy during the ceremony, I slept late because (a) i just can't sleep, so excited! (b) mEh & pet2 were still talking on the phone late at night.. But nweyZ bahala k2lgOn pa! This is mah biG day anyway! :) So there we were at school (me, mah mom and pop), they're so damn pRoud of me i know. :) I owe everything frOm them. they deserve this event in their lives where I'm gonna finish my studies. :) And see me get that diploma. heheheh And so and so, the graduation ceremonies came to an end. Waaaaah at last! we were there for almost 5 hours sitting and everybody was already so hungry... It was really fun, taking pictures with my friends and all. EveryboDy was shit very hiper no matter how hungry we all were! Hahahaha I was sweating all over wen we finally said our gOodbyes, huGs and kiSseZ. Nobody mind their makeUps! Bsta sMilE.. Everybody were verY very happy. After that, me and mah family just had our lunch on a restaurant. We celebrated there and talked things over.. Personal stuffs and all.. Wen we came home, i took a rest and @ round 6pm lakaw napUd me. I was suppose to go to my friends house to celebrate out success, but then i ended up with Petpet.. So un we wer 2gder na and he juSt sent mEh hOme after.. :) *sIgh* Watta day!! :) Im so damn happy... As in kilatan pag colors c jordan! Bwahahahahahahaha :) Kip Rockin' \m/

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