Saturday, April 01, 2006

Oh well, yeah finally am done wid mah studies.. I hav nothin more to think of in relation to skul or watever dat cums wid it.. :) But then of cors i just cant stay @ home forever now dat skuls over.. Iv got to do smthing, find work i gez. dats da nxt thinG am gOnna do. COz i just cant be a tambay @ home.. Duh! ni skwela pa ko f ana! My dads got many connctions, it wont be no biggie for me findin one, but thEn i want to do it on mah own. I knoe dey can help me with all thos stuffs.. But Dis tym am thinkin', i want to be indepndent. I want to do thinz on mah own decisions. All mah life i was such a brat, provided with so much love and care, with wat i nidid and wanted, pamperd and al, taken gud care of, i was such a cry baby and stuffs. Very dependent, i cnt even do stuffs on mah own. Kelangan me kasama.. :) and la meH ka muwang2 sa life.. heheh not until i stepped on mah 4th yr in collge. there and then alot had changed. I dont know, i just felt i had rily evold ( duh! murag unsa kay ng evolvd hihihi).. i became less depndent, im stronger dan b4 dats for a fact.. Bsta daghan, alot had changed... God had given meH certain prOblems, biGgie and not so biGgie dat made me stronger and made me a better person. And i gez i am now, im cOmin clean! :) This time i want to make mah own decisions, i want to live apart wid mah parents so dat i may know wat life is rily al about. And dat i may be able to learn how to stnd on mah own feet, stumble and fall and learn from mah mistakes... hahahay... :) And thinGs will goin' to be serious this time.. No more games no more plays... :)

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