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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wala Lang..
I riLy dont hav much to do, since boredom is killing me, might as well answer another survey from friendster... Oooh I love surveys! Hehe...

Sage: Who was the last person
1. you touched? Pet-Pet :)
2. you talked to? Peterson juZ a whIle aGo....
3. you hugged? Pet-Pet last nYt..
4. you instant messaged? Wala..
5. you yelled at? My sistah
6. you laughed with? hmmMmm? Pet-Pet naPUd..

Do you...
7. color your hair? nope, but i have plans...
8. have tattoos? nope, 8z diRty! Ew!
9. have piercings? 2 on each ear..
10. have a boyfriend/girlfriend? YeZz
11. smoke? once or twice juZ out of mAh fOoliSh curiosity.. hehehe
12. do drugs? nevah!
13. sleep with stuffed animals? yeP.. bt i prefer a lot of pillows
14. have dreams that keep on coming back? sevarAL.. hmmm i wOnder wat 8 minS..
15. read the newspaper? i do now.. to kIp meH awaRe. :)
16. have any gay or lesbian friends? yah, a couple
17. believe in miracles? yeP! ;)
18. believe in magic? yEs! i stiL havE da lil' girL in mEH..
19. pray? yes of course!
20. have any secrets? yUp everybody does nyweYS..
21. have any pets? yes. dogs and cats.. i juZ lovE 'em sOO muCh..
24. wear hats? sometimes,, f ganahan..
25. hate yourself? i dO sumtimEs.. wEn i do smThin' daT m8z meH fiL baD..
26. like your handwriting? yes! love it! ;) 8z a wOrk of Art! Ahihihi
27. trust others easily? nYerks... sometimes 8 alzO dPenDs..
28. sing in the shower? yEZ i dO.. esp wEn i thiNk am gOna have a gr8 day.. and had a gr8 day indeEd ( Weh i Shower@ nyT)..

29. tea or coffee? aM startin' to dRink coFfEe, wid cReam aH..
30. dogs or cats? bOth wUD do.. am a pEt Lovah nAMn..
31. single or taken? both wuD do ;)
32. pen or pencil? penCils cOz deY hav EraSers.. hehehe 2 coRrCT imprfectiOns..
33. food or candy? fOOd of COrs! DUh! jejeje
34. cassette or cd? cd
35. coke or pepsi? cOKe! 4get da damn dietnG.. :)
36. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? Oprah
37. music or tv? love bOth..
38. guys or girls? alangan gUys eh!, wakekeke
39. green or blue? bLue
40. pink or purple? pInk is jUst mah FAv cOlor..
41. sleep or stay up? StaY up!/...
42. night or day? niGht! :) parTy pIps!
43. cold or warm? hMMmm weL 8 depEnds..
44. fast or slow? fast, slow wud alSo do... U knoe da sayin' "slowly bUt sUrely"..
45. sparkle or shine? sHine and SparkLE baby!:p
46. Christina or britney? britney Shes jUSt so pweTty..
47. pop or r&b? both
48. Whitney or Mariah? Whitney nalang..

What was...
49. last movie you saw? Batman @ HBO
50. last movie you saw on big screen? eOnflOx
51. last person you called? PArekoi Pet-pet
52. last thing you had to drink? COke..
53. last thing you ate? value meal7 Mc Donalds plus Mc FLurry... and up to this tym i havent eaten anythng yet... Gutoom...
54. last time you smiled? seCs aGo.. :)
55. last time you cried? 2months ago, it was like HELL dude! But am haPi noW..:)
56. last thing you said? bad..

Favorite Questions:
57. movie: The Cure, Autumn in NewYork, Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge.. My Sassy Girl and mdyo marami eh..
58. song: On This Day, Fall Down,
59. singer: Daghan..
60. tv show: Thats So Raven, Phil D Future, Pimp My Ride, MTV Cribs
61. actor: Richard Gere, Jackie Chan
62. actress: Julia Roberts
63. magazine: PCWORLD? hehe
64. food: ANythin' as Long as it Cud Satisfy mEh..
65. board game: Srabble, CheSs
66. kiddie game: S-O-S hehehe, Patentero, JackStone
67. number(s): 9, 20
68. cartoon: Lilo & Stitch, Hey Arnold! SpongeBOb
69. character: Stitch, Timon and Pumba, Doree (Keep Swimming keep swimming), Nemo
70. disney character: Stitch, Timon and Pumba, Nemo
71. color: Pink... White.... BB Blue.... Purple
72. time of the day: 8pm
73. day of the week: WedNesday, Friday, Saturday
74. week of the month: Ambot..
75. month of the year: January,March-May (kay bakasyon),December :)

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