Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh well, lifes bin very bz dis past few wiks... Of cors am gona graduate hopfully! Whats up wid me? Wel, aside from being bZ in skul, am having fun goin' out wth my frnds and my boyfrnd.. Enjoyin' every moment we have, am alSo very hapi bcOz fRnds n sila ng mga frNds co. They get along nman pla, unlike b4 dey had fought ovah d fon and i thot dey'l nvr get along with him.. His back in davao, bin hir for 2months na. Yeah, we fight alot but nah thats ok. Thats just part of our rlationship, to kip thnGz Chillin' :) This past few days, sum1s rily buggin us.. (the girl from 2 moths ago) But oh well! We dont care, shes just wastin' her fuckin' time.. Everybody knows am his girl, coz we hangout evryday with his frnds and we go out almost everynight (xcpt wen am bZ huh?) and sUmtimes sa bahay nila.. Just hangin' out wid his brother and uncle (enzo! bleh).. Wel, she sims to b vry dsparate tryin' to broke-up our rlatnship, but sori honey you wont have ur way! we're laughing @ her childsh acts and schemes.. Just feel fri to do anythin' you want to do, me and pet-pet will just sit back and relax :).. If ur truly hapi, then liv ur own life.. liv us alone f ur rily hapi woth urs. F not? then kip buggin' us. Its totally ok! )Now i can say that everythinZ okay, evrythinZ frgotten... And wel what can i say, he's alwys with me now.. :) That makes evrthin' fil better! yeh baby... ;)

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