tired again! buit i had fun this daY... :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

i was suppose to go home early, kc nga 2mrow's gonna be ouR presentation sa thesis namin. i should be at home early so that i could have studied ouR documents..
me and my groupmates were getting ready for our presentation the entire day. producing copies for our panelist, letters and evrything.. its been so stressful. & we are all really nervous about it.. Bheb fecth me sa skul it was already around 8pm.. he wanna have dinner with me, actually dili unta kOw coz we have to iron thinz muna b4 goin home but the he insisted kaya he waited for me until 8pm.... we dint know where to eat, coz by that time the malls were already close or were nearly closing kc past 8 na un. we just drove around the city... and cge lng drive... drive... dugay au mi nka kita if where mg eat.. kaya un late na me nka uwi... im really getting nervous for 2mro... grrrr....

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