Tired of Fighting

Friday, March 03, 2006

Whew! Im so damn tired of figthing! Its like everyday we're doin' this.. Everyday routine ah?? Nah! I dont want it 2b dis way (never did).. But itz like am gettin' used to it, but stiL i dont waNt it 2b like diS.. I rily dont knoe wat 2 do wid everythin' of this... Why cant you jst understand that da two of us hav diff. outlooks in life, we dont have the same frame of reference. Am tryin' to undrstand you, am rily trying but its all unreasonble! Its not a guys mind, but its a boy's.. A kid's... Ur saying that ur mature even more mature than me, but ur not acting like one.I do respct you alot but i hope that you would also do the same for me. Am not sayin' that i want somthin' in return, i just want you to learn and to realize that pls repct mah opinions sumtyms.. Kahit smtimes lng.. Ur holding on on me too tightly. I dont get to do the things i want. Am not saying that all i want is to hav fun wid mah fwnds and stuffs but pls do understand we have diff. lives outside our relatnship. . *sigh* so damn tired of figthing! When we fight there are moments that i just dont want to talk anymor, and you get so irritated by dat.. You know why? Its because u still wOnt understand, no matter how hard i try to explain thingZ.. You're sayin' that am not gving you the time a boyfrnd ought to get frOm his girl, you're sayin' that all thatz mportant wid mEh is mah frnds, you're sayin' that am makin' you an underdog, you're sayin' dat when im wid you it sims dat am not hapi @ al... Well you're wRong... You may have felt that way but one thing is 4 xuR... I do love you and dats why am still here holding on no mtter what fuckin' shit is happenin' in our lives! Pls Remmber dat...

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