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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Me and Petpet are now goin' one yr.. arnd nxt month's gonna be our anniv, one of the days of May's gonna be a red letter day! wakekeke. oUr worlds gonna stop and freEzzz.. Hihihihi O.A oi.. Whew! it was quite a year. We'v bin thru alot rily, and stil here we are together fightin' the odds dat are are comin' our way and are just livin life to fullst. Hes rily tryin hard to fix his life and set his goals, i rily can see the effort in him. I am pRoud of that.. :) i rily want him to be settled and all, i want the best thingz to happen in his life. So dat he wud stop woryin bout anythin' There were times dat he's weak, but hmmm.. im hir. 8 wud be no biGgie. It was jusT last wik (i geZ), wher we rily had a gUd talk, we were talkin bout many thinz, our lives, families and da near future too. I cud c the child in him, wher he has many dreams dat he wud like to fulfil (of cors wid me! hehehe), he was so vulnerable dat very moment. It rily sank mah heart! And der i was sayin' somthin that wud motvate him to go on and that hes tough enuf to make it & it will not be that hard for us.. (lay plastikan oi..) I stil cud recall our first miting hehehe it was 3yrs ago.. We wer just merely frnds dat time.. id never even thot wed end up as THIS.. Never did came crOss my mind. coz he was not rily my typ.. Hehehehe But it turned out to be dat he was the love of mah life.. Whoah! I know we stil have a long road to gO. and who knows!? We myt not rily end up 2geder for gUd. But then, im rily very hapi dat he became mine, rily mine. Dat we rily did loved eachother.. Tho there was a time wen he made thinZ difficult for meh and everthin seemd complicated and al, but stil amthnkful coz its stil apart of it. He had thot me many thins dat i know not anyone wud be able to do da same, he made me sTrong, he had instill many thinz in meH (tho am rily stubborn smtimes). I have learnd many thins from him.. Its rily a gUd thing findin sumbody to love you. others rily just love to hate him, they just dont know hu rily dat man is. they wud comment, "ai not bagay" esp on my part. kasi other wud ask.. Where da hell did a vulnerable, mahinhin, and gud girl JOY found someone like this bad boy type PETPET? I wud just smile and say, "opposite rily do attracts".. Meh? I accept him totally, even way back before we became as mag boyfriendS. we may have BIG fyts rily dat BIG, pero yaw-yaw lng ha and da siga-siga sa mata.. (i rily cUD recall one big fyt. hehehe tumba lage mga bangko sa blay nila.. hehehe it was mga mid wik of Feb 2006 i gez..wakekeke) bUt at the end of it we kNow how to say oUr soRry and hopefully learn frOm it! heheheh Tho sumthimes its rily me hus VERY stubborn.. But we still love eachoder anyways... heheheh Ng salig bah?! Dili oi.. To all hul get a chance readin this,i just want you to know that i rily do love him.. Yeah, mga friends ko dnt rily like him dat mUch kasi nga he's tOo poSsesive, tOo strick, immature in some ways, Sumtyms Unreasonable, palaaway, has this biSyO and stuFfs. Dey hated him to the highest level not until they had personally met him, so-so nlang ngaun! hehehe But Peterson rily dont care about dat, wats imprtant w/him is dat wer in gUd terms. He dont care about other pipol, juSt mEh,him and our families.. But, mah fRnds had seEn how Petpet loved meh, treaSures meh and cared foR meH.. Diba mga lola? kamu bya ng sulti pUd ana... Waaahhhh ... hehehehe They wud say, "dai mg one yr na imu calbario! aAw 1 yr pa diay abe naku 48 yrs namu!" heheheh yeah others wud tell me dat, but they just dont rily knoe. :) We'v bin tru ups and dowNs.. Wev both crIEd for eaChother :( wev both bin craZy! Bsta... this space hir wud not be enuf to tell it all.. One yr was lyk, 5 yrs or more.. Kasi nGa ang dami namin pinag daanan.. Whew! heheheh hahahay... But i know we stil have a lot to dscover and stil alot to learn from eachother... am luking forward to dat.. :)

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