Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its bIn quiTE aWhILE... toDay, im jUSt @ hOme da wHole Day, sleeping all day anD of COrs ditO.. =) YesTerDay, i WeNt oUt to xErcISe mY feEt hehehE.. WeNt to Da mALL, sTrOll fOR SumtimE anD tRiEd iF deRs sUmthiN dAt wIll caUght mY aTTntIon AnD miGht as WeLL BuY it.... PerO waLA eH, @ aRouND 4PM i WeNT tO San PEdrO ChuRch aND atteNdD MaSs.. It wUD be aLot BettEr iF PEtPet's wiD mEh bUt HE stiL haS imP. thiNz to Do eH.. :) So uN nGa i wAs dEr sA maSS anD aFtEr dAt, i WeNt tO da maLL tO mEet hiM :) We taLKed, aND dEn stRolld aRound anD aTe... LAst SundaY, wE alSo wEnt oUt, wE attnD mAss 2gEdeR.... itS a greAt filin cOZ xa dIn nG saBi daT weR bRingin' ouRseLvS cLoseR to GOd toGEdeR... La lng... :) BstA :) DIs DaYs paRang iTS geTtin bEttEr, wE haVe leSS fYts nOW.. Unlike befOre daT wE arGue mYbe 3tYmS a wIk.. But now, hindi na =) aND wEr bOth haPi wID it... It wE alSo feLt daT weR gettin' stRongeR...=) Der r tYmS daT i riLy fEEl sOri fOR hIm cOZ itS likE Im veRy unpRedictabLe aND iL get maD @ hIm foR no riSon @ aL.. And itS like im makin' thiNZ haRD foR him anD he's alWyz dA oNE hU wUD fIx thiNZ.... But wEr gettiNg bEtteR nOW.. =) thInking aBout it, One yEar sObra nMan d.i mi =) aND i dOnt FeeL liKE iTS faDIng AwaY... i knOw iTS heRe to sTay...

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