Can you name 21 people you can think of right off
the top of your head? Dont read the questions
underneath until you write the names of all 21
people. Ready, Start!

4 miemot

1. How did you meet 14?
-we haV da samE deP.. iD get to c hIm everyday anD weR ka org ko xa sa litcom..=)

2. What would you do if u never met 4?
-bOring aNg life... walaY saBa sa kalIbUtan! hehe

3.What would you do if 20 & 9 dated?
-huh?! Di pwede... 20's mY Sis..

4. Did you ever like 5?
-yea suPEr, i even fell inlove w/him.. pUppy LOve..

5. Would 4 and 12 make a good couple?
-i dOnt knoe.. bUt No! hehehe

6. Describe 8.
-fUn,chikBoy,hwUd mG program aS in bOw!:) nice, gwaPo.. gorgeous eYEs..

7. Do you think 13 is attractive?
-yeS! =) sUch a hottie..

8. Tell me something about 17.
-dats meH! im pretty, im hot.. im evrythin ur not! yea! hehehe im bubBly.. nice.. a friend to every1 jUz dnt meSs uP wid meH... im no angeL wen da goin gets tough! :)

9. Do you know any of 4's family members?
-yes, met dem b4..

10. What's 21's favorite color?
-black yta... punk yan eh...;)

11. What would you do if 18 just confessed that
he/she likes you?
-whew! UhhMmmm... i dnt riLy knOE... waAaah! =)

12. What language does 20 speak?
-sheS da onE hU onLy underStands it... hihiihi aitk lng!=)

13. Who is 9 going out with?
-JOan BongGuyan, i think der 2geder...

14. What year is 16 in?
- he alridy stopd, pg artista lng lage! hehehe

15. When was the last time you talked to 13?
-last last wednesDay..

16. Who is 2's favorite singer?
-i dnt rily knOE... :)

17. Would you ever date 7?
-nO... di kami talo..

18. Would you ever date 12?
-no! shes mY siStah...

19. Is 15 still single?
-i dont hav an idea..

20. What is 19's last name?

21. Would you ever want to be in a serious
relationship with 3?
-yea,as bestfrNdz... wE beliv wer soulmates, girl counterpart.. :)

22. What school does 11 go to?
-HCDC.. :) hes mY baYAw.. hihihi

23. Where does 10 live?
-she livs in a bording haUz stil lookin for a haUS to make bili..

24. What's your favorite thing about 1?
-everythIng! :)

25. Have you seen number 20 naked?

26. Have u seen 1 cry?
- yeP.. several times.. But no wOrries i was deR to make evrythin' alryt.. i kiSSd his tears aWay! :)

27. Do u think 15 is attractive?
-hell yea! such a hottie... got da looks and ryt attitude.. :)

28. Have you ever been to the movies
with ?
-yea, before... :) weN he still holds mY heart... he stole it from meH, im glad i got it baK! :)

29. Have you ever kissed 8?
-hehehehe it was jUSt an attmpt from him, pero nuH i was toO sHy kaYA waLA... we nVer gt da chance! hehehehe

30. What does 1 do for a living?
- loving meh, making meH happy and taking guD care of his babEe: MEH! hehehehehe yea!


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