Are you taken?? (this survey is really for taken people anyways): YES!..=)
If so, by who??: Peterson Du.. =)
How tall is he??: 5'7? 5'11? waaaHHhh... ambot hehehe alwyZ man tana mi nAGa Uban..
How much does he weigh??: 150? toinkS! =)
Hair Color??: he jUz dyd hs hair... murag reddish na brown... i love it thO, it brightenS hiS face... =)
Eye Color??: black
What is his best physical feature??: eyes... lips..=)

~!~Step Two~!~

How long have you two been going out??: 1 yr & 1 month.. damn! its gettin' better..
What is the best moment you guys have had together??: dami eH! =)
The worst??: around november 2005... bUt it wAs a Dig heLp... it jUz tested hOW mUCH wE lovE echOder.. proven and tested nMan gUd mi... hehehe
If you could change anything on him, what would it be??: wen he gets mad.. But its dSnt riLy matter now.. his imperfctioNS makeS hiM perfecT enUf fOh meH... =)
Do you love him??: YES! ABSOLUTELY! SOBRA! =)
Do you judge by his looks or his personality??: personality..
If he went completely broke, would you care??: its ok wid me.. it dSnt mattER...
If he died tomorrow what would you do??: iL cry till i die tOo... :(
How far have you gone with him??: wAy far...
Do you plan on marrying each other??: i gez... hehehe ambot oi... bata pa man mi...

~!~Step Three~!~

Who is you last ex??: Jan
Why did you guys break up??: kUlaNg sa tYm aND miSundersTAndingS..
Was he better then your recent boyfriend??: in Sum aSpecTS..
How long were you guys going out??: duh! dnt ask... hehheehe
Who is better looking??: Both! =) nLng Para paTas... hehehe But yeP he dO looKS gUD..
If he asked you back out what would you do??: smile.. anD saY sori iM takeN aND im verY haPPeee Now.. =)
Does your recent boyfriend like him??: he dsnt want to hear anythin about him...
Do you guys even talk??: not riLy, hi hello lang dati... halos dili pa gani..
Are you friends??: quite.. =)
Do you still have TINY feelings for him??: i dnt knoe.. crush nLng guro..
Did you love him??: yes, of cors... cguro... hehehe

~!~Step Four~!~ Back to your recent boyfriend:

Do you trust him??: yes..
If you do, how do you know??: huh??? he makes xur i knoe evrythin... wev bin thru a lot..
If you don't, why??: -
Where did you two meet??: sa mintal... wen he went der to c me.. =)
How long ago was this??: 3-4 yrs ago yata...
Do your parents like him??: so-so..
Does his parents like you??: i dont rily knoe, but wer ok... i sPOKe to deM several tYms.. =)
Can he drive??: yes..
I don't think I asked this but how old is he?? (if I did sorry): 19