Last time you have..

Been drunk – i cant rily remmber na... abOut 4 months agO?
Smoked pot - never..
Rode in a taxi – 3days aGo..
Been dumped – not yet….
Shoplifted – never..
Been fired – Never
Been in a fist fight – yeP, But sa txt lng... i havent rily gone to serious fyts.. gud girl man gud ko... evrybody will agree wid me... hheheheSneaked out of your parents house – once..Been arrested – never
Made out with a stranger – Never
Stole something from your job – ain’t got 1Celebrated new years in times square – Never.
Had a blind date – Never..
Lied to a friend – yep, couple instances... but it was a white lie... hehehe
Had a crush on a teacher – Yes... =)
Skipped school – yeS... weN iD get so tired... ma plipakS lng kalit... i wud go home and jUSt slip hhehehe

using the names of bands/singers, spell out your entire name/avatar.

G- Googoo Dolls..

E- Enya

O- Outkast... hey ya!!!

R- R Kelly

G- Girls Aloud, how I hate them….

E- Eternal


T- Toni Braxton

E- Emenem! hehe


Height - 5ft
Hair colour - BrownisH..
Eye colour - DArk Brown
Pierced anywhere – two on each ear..
Tattoos – Nope.. not my typ havin one..

right now

What colour are the pants that you are wearing - white..
What song are you listening to right now - i dont knoe the title..
What taste is in your mouth – Pineapple juice, mmmmm
What's the weather like now – SUnny... very hot,,
How are you – HAppeeee!
Get motion sickness - Nope... i like to travel around...
Like to drive – Something that will make me look good


TV show – Tyra.. Oprah
Conditioner – Earth origins..
Book – Loving Eachother
Non-Alcoholic drink – Mango juice
Alcoholic drink – REdhorse! hehehe colt45... tequila.. daghan maN... hehehe nyekS! pala-inom! hehehe
Thing to do on the weekend – Go oUt wiD Pet-pet! =)

have you . . .

Broken the law – Nope!
Ran away from home – Not yet! hehehe never i gez..
Been skinny dipping – No..
Ever tipped over a porta potty – Ha Ha, nopes
Used your parents' credit card before – nopes..
Fell asleep in shower/bath – Wla pa namN..
Been in a school play – it waS rily not a plAy.. it was an nterpretatve dance... mybe twice and bsta... hehehe


Do you have a job – NoPE..
Your cd player has in it right now – Wala..
If you were a crayon what colour would you be – Pink! =)
What makes you happy – Happy people around me.. Petpet, dogs.. =) my family..
Next CD you're gonna get – i wuD like to have Maxim's

when / what was the last

Time you cried – cried? as in todo! to da highest level?? a month aGo yata..
Time you got a real letter – cant remmber..
the cinema – last monDay... Cars.... hehehe lingaw,, =)

word association -

Rubber - Band
Rock – and Roll!
Green - Sick... Luod!
Wet - Water
Peanut - Cashew
Old - Lola/lolo
Steamy – Good looking
Fast - train... hehhe
Freaky – Friday!