Message: 1. during lunchtime, do you get a drink
first or
the food?
** most of d time, i drink 1st..

2. more rice than ulam or more ulam than rice?
** definitely more rice! rice pls...

3.. how many cups of rice do u consume per day?
** estimately, 4-5 cups..

4. do you bite utensils?
** nuh!

5. can fruits serve as ulam?
** sumtyms..hehe

6. do you put peanut butter on both sides of the
bread or just one side?
** one side only

7. do you drink water from the pitcher bottle?
** as much as possible..hindi.

8. would you drink beer or any hard drink with a
** nuh!

9. if you were eating potato chips and one fell
on your lap, would you still pick it up and eat it?
** yup...wala pang five minutes..hehe

10. would you eat horse rectum for a thousand
pesos?a hundred?a billion??
**a billion maybe..nyahahaha

11. do you eat balut?
** yup! just recently, i had a balut fight wid my

12. do you believe that siopao is made of cat
** nuh! people who do those things are MEAN!

13. have you tried eating dog meat?
** no,no,no,no...wawa naman..

14. you like sisig?
** yup! mmmmm..thinkin bout it, makes me crave
4 it!

15. are you a coffee addict?
** i drink coffee but i'm not so into it..

16. do you spend a lot of money on food?
** yeah...

17. lutong bahay or fastfood?
** lutong bahay

18. do you still bring a lunchbox to work?
** not anymore..but i'm having plans..

19. would you share a glass of water with a friend?
** yes...

20. would you share a spoon with a friend
** nope..

21. Would you eat your friends' leftovers if you
were broke?
** nuh!

22. ever had a food fight?
** yup! heheheh...

23. are u a messy eater?
** nope...mabagal lng nguyain ang food..hehe

24. pepsi or coke?

25. sprite or seven up?
** sprite

26. scrambled eggs or sunny side up?
** scrumbled..

27. what do you think of leftovers?
** still food but not fresh..hehe

28. Do you recycle plastic cups and utensils
** yup! if its stiL usEfuL,,,

29. can you do something else while eating or
** yeah..

30. can you squirt milk out of your eyes?
** nope..

32. Have you tried drinking water with a little
**la pa...

33. cold pizza or warm beer?
** pwede both?! hehehe

34. thought of eating gum and stick it under
** i used to wen i was a kid..hehe kablo nka way buot!

35. ever seen a pig/ cow/ dog being butchered?
** yup! pigs only..

36. ever licked maple syrup off someone else's
** la pa naman...