whew! never bin on the internet for da apst few days... just bin busy bout many thinZ and keepin mah self happppeeee.... hehehehe... sigh i miss my frnds, ol of dem... and i dont know i feel better diz days,..,. iv bin happeeee i thank God for all... and despite wat had bad thinz dat had happend to meH.. hir i am comin' out with great joy in my heart... =) i love deeply, my faith in god had deepen... i beliv he had strgthen meh... im not the girl i used to be who was so vulnerable and so baby... =) tho am stil me, i still have da big hart.. =) i wana shout and tell the world wata great filin i have ayt now.. i love my family, i stil love my dad after al... and most of ol i love petpet.. i dnt care bout wat oders say,,, i know him better dan dey do.. i love him so much... and wer rily hapi now... god is guiding us... and also, iv cancel my account sa multiply coz i have seen dianne's accnt.. i dnt know nkita ko lng.. da last iv seen her der was dat she was pregnant... too bad, shes still young.. i cud c dat she falls inlove so easily.. dats dangerous.. but hu cud blame her, its such a wnderful feeling to be inlove! =) i just wana get rid of da pipol hu once painted my life blue, nd shes one of dem... i dont wana go bak to dat days,,,... cos im ok now... and also i hav forgottn da ad of her blog... i just wana mov on with mah life... i wana get rid of any bad feelinZ... i wana liv! and im hapi nOW.... SO HAPI... i thank God for everythinG =0)
haahaaaaY... gotta go! goin to sm wid mah sis... gotta meet mah mOm and Dad der... shoppinG na! hehehehehehe