RiGht dIS veRy mOmenT...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

* I am: very happee ryt now.. =)
* I want: tO go sWimmIng..
* I wish: to Fly aWaY fROm hIR anD jUSt be HappEEe and go to neverland...
* I hate: math aND people hU aRent trU to dEmseLvs Nd dat are fOnd oF ruInin sUm1s lyF..
* I love: PepPet! my famIly and FrIEnds... DOgs... =)
* I miss: my frIEnds aND goin oUt wiD deM..
* I fear: ipis! rats. aND not able to have my own family..
* I hear: sum1 dribbling.. just ryt outside..
* I wonder: abOut mystic creatures...
* I regret: nothin rily.. so far..
* I am not: cHeap..
* I dance: a little to well..
* I sing: everywher.. hehehe fairly enUf to join a singing contest! heheh tionks!
* I cry: weN am hurt and wen id see sumbody cry..
* I am not always: levelheaded.
* I make with my hands: artistic stuffs..
* I write: poems, reflections, compositions, letters...
* I confuse: myself.
* I need: a joB to stimnulate me.. kapoi sa balay..
* I should: pursue mY drEaMS..
* I start: to feel butterflies on mah stomach wen am nervous, riLy nervous..

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