“You KnOe Ur inLovE wEn U cant fall aSleeP beCoz reality iS finally better daN uR dreams” – Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat.

luV cHAngEs U.. dA waY u ThiNK, Da wAy U aCt, Da wAy u DeciDe.. sUmtymS u eVn gO aGaiNSt uR priNciples & beLifs iN lyF.. LoVinG dSnt olWyZ miN uL bE haPi, sUmtyMs oL it pROviDes u Is PaIn & miSery.. yEt u R BlinDed bY sTrOng emOtioNs dAt u FaiL tO c rEaLitY.. sUmtYms letting gO iS dA only aNSwER & iT hUrtS lyK HELL! Bt u WiL sUn reaLyZ dAt 8S beTTaH 2D pErSon u Luv 2B haPi wID sUm1 eLS daN lonely wiD u… itS caLLd SARIFICE..

Life iS tOo SHorT to wake Up iN dA mOrniN wiD regrets. So LovE dA piPoL hU tRit U rYt, & beLiv Dat eVrytHin HapPenS fOR a RiSon. kNow a GuD thin wEn u SeE iT, & don’t Let iT sLiP aWay. F u GeT a CHanCE, take iT.. iF iT cHaNGEs uR lYf, lEt it. NobOdy SeD iT wUD bE easy, dEy jUz sEd it wUD bE wOrth-it! +)

I kNoW sUm piPoL dNt lYk dA wAy I dO tHinZ, dA wAy I aCt & dA waY I dEaL wiD oDeRs… u knOw Wat? fUck wAt dEy think! dIz iS mEH… My Life.. My RuleS.. aNd My STyLE!

iN maH xiSteNce, I realized daT happiness iS a vEry sUbjecTive factor in 1s Life.. Bein’ HappY doesn’t dPEnd oN aChivIng waT u want, But rather mAkiNg Da bEst oUt of WaT iS given.. Life iSnt faiR, it never waS.. The oNly thing daT caN make u cOpletely HappY iS cOntenTmeNt.. BE cOntent on Wat U caN have, But Be sUre 2 aiM hiGht aND Never sTop BelieviNg U caN dO BettEr EvryTiME… But If aL ELSe fails, don’t ForGet daT aN extra OrdinaRy yOu haS aN extra OrdianarY GOD to back yOu Up… God BleSS!

DerS oLwYS a PossIbiLty daT a PerSon cAN geT aTtracted 2 aNoder.. 8s xUr HumaN nature, 8s nOt wRoNg.. But daTS wHy Ur iN a CommitmENt, U discipline UrseLf.. oNe maY geT attracted 2 nUmerOus ProspeCts aNd 8s ok… aS long as u don’t nurse da feelin & wOnt dO sUmthin bOut 8… borderline bet. cheating & faithfulness.. rEcoGnize da reality daT u aLreDy haV da PErSOn dat caN giv u mOre daN waT u Get from cHeaP thrills of attraction..

The Hebrew TalmuD says: “Be very careFuLl if u make a WomAn cRy bCoz God cOuntS heR TeaRS. Da WomaN came oUt of a maN’s riB, nOt fRom da feet to be WalKed on... Not frOm hiS head 2 be sUperiOr of, bUt fRom da sIde 2 be equal with… Under the arM 2 be protected fOr aND nXt 2 da heart 2 be loved”..