SMILE! =) itS thE seCond bEst thiNg u Can Do Wid Ur Lips! =)

im baCk... bUt iL be gOne in a feW seCs... iL be posTing a letter... pero later nA... actually it waS a lettEr foR tHE Son i aM yeT to haVe. Ther wAs a tYm i gOt nothiN muCH to do, anD all theSe thoTs juST keeP on goin' to and frO My miND so i wRote the Letter... i riLy haD fUn writiNg it, anD i poUrD ouT mY heaRt to it, pati sOuL pa yaTA eH... Nyehehehe... itS wIth So mUch lOve anD deSire! =) cOz der aRE tyms wEn i thInk aBout maH baBy anD wEn wIll heaven giv hIm to me aNd weN wiLL fate chOoses to merGe oUR paTHs... mY aRms craVe fOr him (cOS i waNA haVe a Son firSt)... mY spine tickles with the thot of hIm... i waNA caRRy hIm hir in mAh arMS... aND iF heaVen wUD grAnt him to meh... he will be the finaL piece of puZZle dat wiLL complete my Life.. =)
tho ryt dIs veRy mOment i knOW iTs stiL not the rYt tiME... buT Hu knOWs wen? cOS i beliv everyOne of uS is nOt an Accident wether if oUr parents pland to have uS or not... we r not hir coZ of an accident...naBAsa ko yaN sa "a purpose driven life" naBuo taU coz of reasOn... =) *sIgH*... aND if eveR accidentaly iL have one(tho di dpat sbihin na accident)... i will never forsake him, wether am riDy or not.. he will live and he will stay wiTh mE.. =) i will never get rid of him or get him off of me, coz he is MINE... hahahaY time cUD only teLL wen... i love you mY baby.. the son i am yet to have.. I LOVE YOU BEYOND THE STARS...