Tamahana... :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

diZ sOng iS 4U bHEb... its jUSt u anD meH forEver... :) Ur mY tamaHana.. :) I love yoU sO so mCUh... i kNOw u alriDy knOw daT bY Now.. i lOve you eaCh anD evRy dAY.. eVrythIngz jUSt fIls SO rYt, feeLS sO wOnderfUL... it jUSt kiPS oN gettin sTroNger! yeaH! :) I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. No neEd to flaunt it jUSt to let em kNow.. cOs itS tOo obvioUS!... *siGh* ;)

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