UhMMm... i wokE Up riLy late diS morniN it waZ alriDy rOunD paSt 11 aND it gave meH a HeadaChe... baD... actuaLly My mOm kePt on goin inside mAh rUm to wake me UPo... But i waS juST tOo laZy to geT uP.. aS i woKE uP i fiSt cHEckD maH fOn aND of cOrs gOt aLot of mSgs fRom maH frNDs aNd pETpeT...i den wEnt downstaIrs aND ate mY bRunCh... watCH teevee wiTh mY siS aNd i kePt on piSSing heR off! hehehe i rIly lIke maKing kUlit sa KanyA... he wUd geT maD @ me. i meaN riLy maD... But deN ma ok naMn pUD after severaL MinuTes.. And tHEn i waS hiR... aND iS stiL hIR... i posted mAh letter... i love it.. its for maH lil darling.. =) *sigh* yepeY! holiday toMmoroW... U knOe na! =)