My Dearest Lil Darling,

This past few days I've been constantly thinking about you. Whenever I'd see Lil angels like you around me, i would then wonder about you. What you would look like and and when will heaven grant you to me.. my heart is then filled with so much excitement and desire of finally having you. I've had so much thoughts of you my little darling. =) i cannot tell how i look 4waRD to the day when i can ask heaven to send U down to me. They've told me that there's just so much joy in feeling life grow inside a mother than discomfort, but i think i will be too enthralled by the anticipation of your coming into this world that I will hardly feel any discomfort at all. my arms tingle at the thought of holding you for the very first time. =) i know that @ that moment i will feel immensely joy and love well up inside of me that for the rest of my life i will ache to hold you as i did for the very first time..

my thoughts then turn to your days as a toddler. I can definitely say right now that your first will be priceless to me. I wonder what you first word will be and what am I doing as you take your very first step. my darling, i assure u i will be there for each and every first in your life. Wen heaven gives you to I imagine both pride and amusement as I patiently answer your incessant questions of the world around you.. as many more scenes of what we might have as Mother and son flash to my mind, i realize what any parent realizes @ some point... i cannot shield you @ all the time from the pitfalls of life. Much as i would want to protect U from failure, pain, hurt and sorrow, i know u need to experience all of them so you can become the person you ought to become. Though this maybe, I am still determined to give you he best that I can and provide you with every means to be truly happy.

For now my darling, i am focused on Preparing for the day when I'll ask God to give you to me. I'm really sure who'll your daddy is going to be, but I'm loving someone so much right now... And I believe he is worthy for you to call "Daddy".. He too is preparing for the day when we can have U in our lives.. =) And we know that when everything will fall into place when the time is right. What I want you to know is that when the time does come that fate chooses to merge our paths, you will be love by your mommy with every breather she takes.. i promise U will always have me and daddy.. i know when heaven shall grant my prayers you would be the final piece our life really needs..

Look down on me, My Darling, from Ur place Ni the clouds and know that one day all things will fall into their rightful places. And these moment that i can only imagine for now will all come to pass...