Guess whats inside my mind?!
its not a sumthin biggie, bUt itz one of a kinD..
Its not foOd! Nuh-aH! :)
Oh actually its not "what" bUt "whO",
So i Know bY nOw you alreadY got a clue.
I know its now tOo obvious no need to
polay this game,
i gueSs you even kNow his name.

Do you knOw who?
His last name is DU!
Do you know this "someone"??
Yep! He's my man..

I juSt wana tell it again taht i
love him so,
And i want the world to knOw.
Im so sorry for hurting hIm,
I never ought to dO suCh rude thinG.
Cause he meaNs evrything to Me,
and he'S evrything i wanted my man shOuld Be. :)