this post will be quite long. i had so much fun today, and of course what would be the reason for my happiness? you bet! I've been with my Beb today.Ü galing galing! its been a great day.Ü It's his birthday today!Ü the first and main reason why we should be happy, and we are. Around 1pm we met-up @ SM. we met @ Bos Cafe just neaR KFC, na abotan ko siya sipping his coffee.Ü Beb ko coffee adik! So yun, kiss on the cheeks and I greeted, hapi boitday!Ü♥ with so much love, and lots of kisses and a BIG BIG hug! Hahaha yun lang muna gift ko sa kanya for now. Low budget akO eh. But i made him a love letter though.♥ we talked there for awhile and blah blah... he was really alive today, buhay na buhay talaga! of cors noh! Bday nya, he should be happy with it and he should shOw sum enrgy. hehehe after that, he told me that we''ll be goin home in a few minutes coZ ralph (his old bUddy from HS) invited him na mg basketball.. And he's eager to go coz he havent played ball for quite sometime and he missed it. & also its bin quite along time since he jived with his friends (focuS man gUd au siya sakoa! Nyahahahaha!) But b4 going home @ his place, we still walked around SM. with that alone i cud rily c that he's having a goOd mood, a very good aura! And i know it's gonna be a great day!Ü he was really funny that mOment.. palage ng jojoke, making me laugh and all. And kept fooling around, and we kept teasing eachOther! after having few rounds around the mall we ordered @ MC Donalds (our fave!♥) and then went straight to his place.

when dun na kami, we havent got to take a rest na nga kc ralph already textd him dat he's on his way na. sO ng ready na mi sa iya mga thinZ na dalahOn. then we met ralph.. Tapos we drove our way to NOva Tierra Vill. & picked up their opponents. they wer from Ateneo. Tawa pa gani mi coZ Petpet and co. kept on saying na "player kaUg mGa porma bai! With all the uniform and the outfit!..". We arrived @ Beach Club mga quater to 3.. Un warm-up2 daw kunohay! hehehehe and they started playinG around past 3pm and finished past 530.. everybody was exhausted! esp Petpet. im xur tomorow pamaulan gyud ni xa! hahaha i had gUd time watching them.. lingaw.. mGa playErs nG sila from Ateneo, tHey wer ralph's schoolmates..

then i met this guY huS Ralph's cm8... it was.. OMG!i forgot his name. hehehehe but he was called "Bacong" but thats his fam name kc.. Bsta, well he looks cute and he was tisoy I wondered if tsinoy pUd siya.Ü la lng ng comment lng kOw! after the gaMe.. gi hatod namU to mga opponents nila, taga Nova Tierra Vill. Sila we even drove near amie's house eh. then after, the ones left were, beb Petpet, Ralph, bacong, and ralph's driver. We stopped @ a resto and ate dinner and then went home @ Petpet's place.. And they had a couple of beers, a little celebration fro their buddy. I actually wanted to go home already coz i felt awkward being the only girl that was there. But then i wanted to stay toO, coz Beb's birthday and I wanted to be with him. What I wanted was for them to go home! Yung barkada niya. Hmf! But what made thiS day great is that i felt Beb's love for me. Sheet so mushy! haha and also i knew he felt my love for him toO sheet senti naman! But can't help it! waa every moment with him is so fulfilling and overwhelming. i didn't joined them outside, coz im not rily comfortable being around with guys na naga inOm cOz i feel like its a guys thing... mg bbarkada & its thyr moment.. i duNno! basta un lng na isip kO. he kept on calling me to join them but i refused the whole time. He really wanted me to join their conversation, but i just didn't feel doing so. but id rather be @ the sala. i cant stay sa roOm niya coz the music's so loud! Nakaka bingi! ana pa c ralph “basin ma bunggol unya ka. Dd2 lang ta sa gawas.” Duh! Beb promised me that they'll just have 3 bottles. Red Horse yung malalaki. then suddenly he calld me again,Stephen and Ferdie just arrived! Putik! I knew mahaba-habang inoman pa to! GrRrrr.. he called to say hello to his friends, and so that they'll know that I was there. And he wanted me to meet Ferdie.. yun lng... I went in his room cause i got bored in the sala. I was in his room looking at old pictures of him. I didn't knew he came in and then he just kissed me! Yacks! Nakilig ako ha. And he asked me do need anything? Na pa smile lang ako, wala tuloy ako na sabi! Haha then he kissed me again, this time sa forehead na.Ü and said ilove you. He would go inside every now and then just to check me oUt and kiSs me on the cheeks or sa forehead .And asking me what I want, what I need, so anything. its a gOod thing that naa kOw mga ktxT! hehehehe pra naMn me magawa aKo. but to think bout it, i should have joined them! hahahaha well nXt tym mki jOin na jud kO... it waS also raining really hard @ around 9pm and I was still there. Beb promised na 3 bottles lng iinomin nila but then umabot na ng 6! it was already 10:30 when they drove me around Ponciano, and I went home smiling.Ü

i really100x had a great time..had a great time with Beb and his palls. i felt his LOVE..Ü that's why I'm very happeeee. it was simply the love i felt that made this day wonderful! :) and as i was on my waY home, i kept on thinking bout today, i am very thankful for this feeling. im so thankful that i have petpet and that we love eachother! :) also he sent me this sms;

“beb thanks au kay gina pa hapi kO nmU permi. Salamat sa tnan. Lov u so much beb.Ü” - petpet