today?? I had so much fuN!Ü i was just with petpet.Ü just came in a little while ago. duh! ayUn sige reklamo nah sakit iya lawas! hahahahaha resulta sa dula bsketball. wa man gUd ko inU gipa apil! haha as if. we really had fun sa hauS nila. that was after dinner. we turned the music to its maximum level, it was really loud. Maybe the neighbors got pissed off with us, but duh as if we cared.Ü and we sang together! fun fun fun! we sang so loud that our veins wud go popping out our necks! hahahaha O.A! but rily it was really fun.. these were out fav. lines.. it an old song actually i don't know whO sang this and forgot the title toO...

" now im lost in my emotion
ur becoming my devotion
theres nuthin i can do,
to stop this love for you!"

we're both familiar with the lyrics. as in! it was fun! we sang, we danced! and after that he kept on teasing me. just kept on teasing and teasing me and until i got mad! hmf! hahaha pikOn c bOjoy! i would pout and he'll laugh out really loud! and I was really seriously PIKON na! hahahahaha but he kept on making me feel better. after that we just laughed about it! lagot man gUd bah... hehehehe *sigh* you know what i feel so happy that someone could really make me laugh and make me so much happy. i am really happy being with him. we are better together!Ü (anyway i love that song!Ü better together)

marked: GREAT DAY! c: