lately i've been feeling not so good almost about everything. why? i dunno. everything's changed now. I totally know that and maybe(??) have accepted that fact. and i miss alot of things. first thing; i am missing my family so much. I miss them so badly. i wanted to visit them like everyday, but of course I have my own set of priorities now. and i can't just drag baby yenny along with me every where i go. he's hard to handle, now that he's really very malikot. i don't have yaya pa kasi. and i just hated that. though i know it's an advantage for me. If me yaya naman c yenyen im afraid that he'll get more close to his yaya than sakin. :( and i don't want that to happen. I want him to be close to me. now, he's really maka papa. He really love his dad so much and he likes playing with him. Well i understand that, knowing that he's papa is the one he sees everytime he wakes up and would also tuck him to sleep. EH ako work kasi ako sa gabi. second thing is that i am not comfortable with where i live. i currently live with my in-laws now. and i am not really happy about that. well i admit they're kind to me and everything but i want to live in a house where i am comfortable. and that i am incharge with everything, that i can freely do whatever i want. eh sa kanila hindi eh. and this makes me unhappy. happy na ako if darating na si petpet from work and the three of us could be together na. it's really hard. im still coping up with the changes. urrrghhhh.. i dont know what to do. i really hate it. :( i admit im not that very happy with my life right now. there are things that's are making em unhappy. maybe it's just me. well i can be happy if i wanted to. but i just feel like i'm not free anymore. :( pucha nman oh! but i know this is just a stage. ill be alright soon hopefully. anyway as long as hubby and baby yenny is with me. I still can be happy. i love them so much.