Hey you! ^_^ Im really flattered that you have taken time to visit my blog and specially for having the interest in knowing the person behind all of this. It's much appreciated, thanksee!Ü So what do I have to say about me? Uhmmm well maybe i should start with my name. The girl is Marie Joy Año (and you?) blogging from Davao City, Philippines! ^_^ I don't really know where to start so let me just say whatever stuffs that would come out from me mind! hehehe.

So why did I created this blog? I started this blog when I was in college, that was year 2005. For me to share my thoughts and feelings, to just let it all out in the open. When you would check my old posts, you would read my expressions of love.Ü love love love.... Though I am a very reserved person still I love sharing what's on my mind and specially what's in my heart. I dreamnt of being a writer but later on I realized that being a writer is not an easy job. Yet writing is still my love ♥. *winx*

Let's get personal.

I am a young mother. I got pregnant when I was 20 but luckily I was able to finish my degree. I never seen it coming, well nobody did (except God though). I was even unaware that I was 1 month pregnant. I was not prepared, not at all, but still I embraced the responsibility whole heatedly trusting God guiding me in my new journey every step of the way. I just kept my prayers strong. And with the help of my family, friends and Peterson I was able to went it through with a smile. And now I am so blessed for having a very cheerful son, Ayne Selwyn Du and i'm madly, deeply in love with him.

Bien Peterson Du, he's the father of my son. Thanks for the genes beb! See how good looking our bugoy is. ^_^ And after all these years I still find myself smiling when I think of him. I still find him lurking in my thoughts and will always be in my heart. I am still insanely in-love with the crazy man! He is my protector though there were times that he was the reason for my pains, he is my friend though there were times that he was the enemy, yet after all that we've been through we still love each other dearly and we are determined to grow old together. So what ever happens, we will work things out. I am just proud how much he has grown after we had Yen-yen. He's such a great dad, a watchful protector and a very good provider. And together we will bring our son to be the man he ought to become. We are not married yet we are living together. In this generation, they call it a long engagement, that's what we are in. People may judge me or may not understand my choice. But I don't really care. What the heck! I know that that big day will come. I don't like people pushing us/me to get married. I want to get married because I wanted to and because I feel that it's the right time.

My family is my light. My mom & dad and my sister. Without them I am nothing. Nothing at all. I would not be the person I am now if not because of them. I love them with all my heart. They accepted Me and Peterson and helped us in our new life. And most specially they embraced my son with so much love. I know I have been a disappointment and Yen2x is all I have to make it all up to you. And I am glad that you love him as much as we do.

My friends. They made my life colorful.^_^ I have a million of memories with them that I will always bring wherever I go. Memories that I treasure so much. And I missed them all and I am very sorry for not reaching out. I think I'm terrible at keeping in touch, I hate myself for being like that. I had been so focused with the new life I have embraced that I missed going out with them. And there also came a time that I became depressed and aloof. I had so many problems in my sleeve and I was such a fool for not reaching out to them. But no matter what I love them and I am trying to get back on track now. I'm so sorry for being boneheaded! I love you all dude! ^_^

Slumbook type na!Ü Para namang highschool! Hehehe

Full Name: Nasabi ko na! ^_^
Nick Name: bojoy
Birthday: January 20
Place of Birth: Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

Interest: uhmmm this is hard kasi marami eh! family & friends, going to the beach, getting close w/ mother nature, food tripping, blogging, unlocking mysteries, writing, music, my ayne, my peterson, and basically anything thAt floats my boat..Ü colors pink, white, green, purple, yellow. beaches, traveling, swimming, dancing, writing poems, blogging, music : r&b, love songs, alternative, pop, mellow

Motto: "Never wake up when your 60 and think what you could have done with your life."


Music: Whatever gives me an eargasm! anything but heavy metal rock.. i just don't get rock muSic..
TV Shows: Ellen Degeneres, The Tyra Banks Show, Just for Laughs, Oprah, Prison Break
Movies: Autumn in New York, What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams, The Cure, KingKong, Twilight, The Transformers, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Pursuit of Happyness, Chocolate
Books: A Purpose Driven Life, Loving EachOther, Twilight Saga, Stephen King's
Food: dami,.. leche flan, double dutch icecream, junkfoods (hopefully i could let go! hehe), gulay, fruits wag lang durian, lechon hehe...i couldn't think of anything right now i'm getting hungry!!!


2pngfx said…
Your son is so cute. Just like his mom. Just enjoy life. Marriage will come :)
Jean said…
nice to knw you bojoy =)
Bojoy said…
thanx 2pngfx and jean for the comment! :)

take care always, much love!Ü
Ruby said…
from the looks of it...i think you're a very nice person...hehe...i dunno... i love how you express yourself...and how you embrace life amidst the storms.. hehe..nice to meet u ^_^