Father's Day is fast coming and trying to find the perfect gift for dad or for hubby isn't always an easy thing to do, yes it never was. But don't be discouraged, don't feel bad, dads are actually easy to buy for and generally appreciate any gift you'll give to them. Getting him something that he actually wants and can use is the trick for it. Look for gifts that spark his interests and show how much you care.

Finding the perfect gift involves knowing what his likes and dislikes are. If you are not sure as to what exactly he wants and you don't want to give the surprise away, you can always purchase a gift certificate. With that way he can choose exactly what he wants, you can even go with him and spend some quality time together.

Other brilliant gift ideas include: dinner at a favorite restaurant, , personalized decanter set, personalized beer mugs, new BBQ grill, a cover for his new grill, weekend getaway with or without the kids, big screen TV, a new Ipod, blackberry or palm pilot complete with a personalized protective case for his new toy, tickets to a concert or favorite event that he has been wanting to attend, tool box, gardening tool set, hammock or hanging chair or even a chess set. These items come in a wide variety of styles and colors, some items are even made to include his favorite NFL team emblem for the die hard sports enthusiast.

This Father's Day make sure dad knows how much he is appreciated and loved. Whether you buy him a gift or just spend some quality time together, he will love your thoughtfulness and proudly display his gift for everyone to see. The true art of gift giving comes from inside each of us, make sure his gift is not only something that is meaningful and special but also shows dad how much he is loved and that way you'll know you have found the perfect gift.