Finally!Ü I am able to post something again. It's been a month since the last time i posted something. I was quite busy the last few weeks. I got a lot of work at hand that made me so lazy to post. My other blogs are not that updated too. And I think missed half of my life! lol so exaggerated. But anyway, I'm glad that I'm here again and i would i would keep up with my blogs.

Anyway, earlier I just signed up for I've been wanting to sign up for it even before but i would end up backing off. Not until my friend Molit signed up for it and her blog has been approved now. I have heard good reviews from a friend and I want to try it. And I've seen payperpost banners to most blogs I've visited. Well, I'll just have to wait till they approve my blog. And see what i can get from it! wee