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Thursday, August 21, 2008

today, my blog is exactly 2 yrs and 8mons. old. I haven't actually thought about that until yesterday, i was browsing my blogger profile and saw when i created this blog. I then went through my posts and checked what date my first post was.

A little history: I first started this when i was in my 4rth year college, why did i made it? Nothing really, i just like writing down my thoughts and feelings. Which i have always been doing ever since, I have a number of diaries piled up in my room maybe someday i'll be able to write my life story tracing through my diaries. hahaha my first url was fabricatedheart, then i had to change it to keep away from a stalker slash hater.Followed was pinklife09 until I had buhaybojoy and I guess I'm going stick with it. Later on i discovered the world of blogosphere. OMG i'm not the only person who's blogging, of course i know that! lol And learned that blogging has much more to offer rather than sharing your thoughts,. You can earn a little extra cash plus you can make friends too. Isn't that great. *beaming*

Blogging is fun and im loving it!

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