I want Konapun!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I just discovered this super cool Japanese toy, Konapun. I'm just glad that I visited reddit today coz I stumbled on something that flickered my interest, which is my sole purpose why I visited the site in the first place. ^^, I am totally fascinated with this toy, Japanese could really create cute stuffs, very creative! Anyway, Konapun is a miniature, non-edible sample food making kit for kids, manufactured by Bandai, one of the biggest toy manufactures in Japan. Each Konapun kit contains a set of powders and what you do is to mix these with water and imitate cooking process -- your favorite spaghetti, curry rice, fried chicken, and even sushi is ready for you (A petit-version though.)

finished product ^^.

Interesting eh!? This toy would be super cool when playing bahay-bahayan! Brings so much childhood memories, hihihi ^^. You know I am a sucker for cute things, and I fell inlove with this immediately. And I actually want one, *sigh* Too bad I still can't use my Paypal account for now, wasn't able to verify it yet. :'<  I checked it on ebay and the set costs around $37-39. Oh I want one!

Check the video, you'll end up wanting one too! ^^


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