Pica is usually normal for young children to put non-edibles in their mouths as they learn about their environment, but if you or someone you know continues to ingest the same non-food for a month or longer, may be some sort of disease and it's called the Pica disease.

So what's a Pica Disease? Well, let us refer to the old man Webster for a second. "Pica" comes from Latin word "magpie". It's a bird that's known for it's tendency to eat, eat what? well just about anything! You know the magpie story is a little silly, but the disease is certainly no laughing matter. Pica is treated as a serious eating disorder, sometimes resulting in serious health problems such as lead poisoning and iron-deficiency anemia. this disease is often developed in people with developmental problems, including mental retardation, autism, and in children between the ages two and three.Also it is said that it can occur in pregnant women, it's when they had experienced Pica as a child, it can recur in their pregnancy then.

Pica in children, can be very dangerous. So mommy's watch what your children put into their mouths, watch them closely. Children eating painted plaster containing lead may suffer brain damage from lead poisoning, and we can't allow this to happen.