Lately I've been anxious 「(゚ペ) what to give hubby for his birthday. I really want to give him something, other than a love letter, ( ̄ω ̄;) I want to give him something that he really would love and appreciate. I had an idea but then I'm still having second thoughts about it. He's birthday will be this coming Sept. 09 that would be Tuesday. And hopefully would celebrate it on Sunday of that week, with family. He'll be turning 22, uh-huh got that right. I'm older than him, I'm 8 months ahead. But still he seems more mature in some aspects maybe because of what he'd gone through in life. And he had changed so much from the very day that he had became a father. He whole heartedly embraced his responsibility which I am very thankful for. He had grown so much, even his tita's had told me that. And I'm proud of him.

But oh well whatever gift I may find or even make for him is assured comes straight from the heart. \(○^ω^○)/ I want a gift that's personalized in that way he could see my efforts. hehehe I really have several ideas popping out in my mind right, i just have to make it happen. I better list them down, even before i could forget them! haha(♡▽♡)I・LOVE YU BEB

A short reminder in getting hubby a gift:

When we start thinking about giving the birthday gift to that special man in our life, we usually end up thinking of getting a tie, a shirt or a pair of trousers for them. But all these gifts become repetitive and therefore boring at one point of time. Its time to think of something new this time. Something, which will tell him the place, he holds in your life with all the affection and love you have for him.