Your heart races. Your palms sweat. Your boss chases you through a field of unfinished reports. You struggle to run away, but trip over a stapler, which sends you tumbling off a cliff and ... ahhhhh!!! (゚Д゚|||) Relax, it's only a dream. Nasty nightmares are no fun, no one will argue with that. But maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something. I've gathered five common dreams and what they really mean.

Naked Dreams
You cruise into the cafeteria on the first day of school or even first day of work, and the you noticed that everyone's staring at you -- a la nude. Naked nightmares are among the most mortifying dreams on the planet. And i had several myself! If you're forgetting your clothes in dreams, it usually means you're insecure about revealing too much info or expressing emotions to a new BF. Or you're nervous about exposing the "real you" and getting rejected. But chillax yo! (´ ▽`).。 you're still fab.

Chase Dreams
Getting chased in dreams is terrifying, not to mention exhausting. These dreams indicate a scary stressor that's amping up your anxiety. Turn the tables by facing your attacker and asking, "Dude, why are you chasing me?" You may be surprised at what the answer reveals. Perhaps you're sprinting from your own jealousy, fear or even love. You may be giving yourself the run around!

Falling Dreams
Hello, insecurity police? We'd like to report a crime of confidence. Falling dreams usually mean you're freaked about not being good enough. You're literally free falling of control. Catch yourself with a sturdy self-esteem net.

Teeth Dreams
Losing your beautiful pearly whites in dreams symbolizes feeling out of control. Something is messing with your perfect plans and you feel powerless. To stop hopelessly helpless dreams, identify your real-life prob and deal with the dilemma. If it's truly out of your hands, make a note of it and move on. Because you want all those gorgeous teeth when you say night-night! For us Filipinos when we dream that are teeth have fallen off we immediately bite anything made of wood upon waking up. Cause it's been said that if you'll dream that your teeth had fallen off it's an omen that a member of your family or anyone close to you will die.
Flying Dreams
These are some of the best dreams your pretty little pillow produces. They give you the freedom to zip around the world -- and away from your problems. No need to analyze, just slip on your wings and enjoy the flight!

What's the scariest nightmare or best dream you've ever had? What do you think your dreams really mean?