Skills Testing Program

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm a little anxious about our examination tomorrow, September 07, 2008. Our company, Agents of Value, will be giving a Skills Testing Program to each job positions in Ilo-ilo and Davao branch respectively. Our company seeks to improve the quality of services delivered to their clients. As well as to raise its employees’ level of skills and knowledge in their respective areas of specialization.

Hearing this from Ma'am Jo the last time we had a short meeting made me nervous and somewhat excited. But not excited of taking the test, hell no. I'm very anxious if I would pass it or not. If an agent passed the exam she/he then be granted with a salary increase, otherwise, he/she has to undergo re-training. The whole things is sort of pressuring me to pass the exam. No not for the increase. Well maybe that's part of it, but what's important for me is assuring myself and proving to them that I'm suitable for my position. That I'm capable. Passing the test will give me the confidence and will drive me to continue what I'm doing.

Failing? It would be a shame. I don't even know how to face such thing. It could put me down, though I know it shouldn't be. Hopefully all of us would pass. I send out my blessings to my fellow agents who'll be taking the exam tomorrow, Molit, Raquel, Lyra, Rosavi, Joanna, Aubrey, Amor. Good luck mga sis! We can do it!Ü

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