I've been wondering around the web again and found this interesting. I would really love to have like these stuffs on my wall. These are cool collections of decorative stickers from Diz Decor, a Brazilian design group that makes stickers to beautify walls. I've seen ones like these way back in the PBB House. Remember the decors they have in their walls? Pointing specifically PBB Teen Edition 1. Though i'm not sure if they're stickers or they were really painted on the walls. These decorative stickers not only does it brings life to one’s room, it changes the overall design perspective. It costs around USD200 after conversion, hmmm now how much does that costs in Peso. hehehe But you know what, if you have the skills and the artistic mind you can make these yourself. You just have to grab that paint, several paintbrush and your done!Ü *winx*


i love it ah!=) cute!