having fUn with my pictUres

Thursday, October 09, 2008 Bojoy 6 Comments

Me and my officemates had fun doing this. It was night when suddenly my officemates won't stop laughing at their display image/avatars on YM. I was intrigue and then suddenly Jay sent me a url, and told me to give it a try. "lingaw kau joy" was what he told me. So i checked it out myself. And viola, i've created mine as well! I know you'll have fun doin' it yourself. I know, you'll be laughing at my face! waaa

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6 lovable comments:

elaine said...

This is a fun idea. :) I might as well try it hehe

pastilan!!! mwuahahahaha

kenwooi said...

This is interesting. =)

The pictures really looks old.

jOy! naa kai kamukha ba..

"new bear brand chocO!"


wLa Lng.. Lingaw Lge nah..
mg try2x d'i q..
hehehehe :)

bOjoy said...

@♥perpetuaL bLiss♥ : hahahaha kW gyud dai bah.. si star pro all seasons.. waaAaaa...

bOjoy said...

try this one... it's really fUn.. lingaw hehehe thanks sa commentS.. (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)