Halloween is coming soon! And what's exciting about it? Well from what I've heard Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (kids love it), ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties (hope i could attend one), visiting "haunted houses" (wow! exciting), carving Jack-o'-lanterns (mr. pumpkin), reading scary stories and watching horror movies. That's what usually happens in the States. Kids are always looking forward for trick-or-treating, well who doesn't want to receive candies and chocolates for free! Haha While adults are into costume parties. You know what I've never been to a costume party, i always wanted to. But Halloween parties seldom happen here in the Philippines. If ever our company would held a costume party, I wonder what costume would i come up with? All you guys out there who're wondering what to wear if you're attending a costume party this coming Halloween, you can check HallooweenAdventure.com for your Halloween Costumes. They also have accessories, and party supplies for adults, kids, and even pets! When I checked the site I had a hard time picking which costume to wear (well if ever I'd think of buying one). They have a vast collection of different costumes. You can choose from sexy, disney, superhero, movie costumes and a lot more. It is said that they have over 10,000 items. Check what I had choose for myself. Actually i liked 3 items. Simple and sexy. And also I've picked one for baby yenny and hubby. Cause if i were to attend in a Halloween party i would surely make them go with me! Hehehehe Check what I've got..

Partners in crime. for Baby Yenny and Hubby


Yes, costume parties during Halloween would be a dandy. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Anonymous said…
hello joy! hala oi, kaw man diay na. i didn't know na naga blog diay ka. i recognized u right away when i saw your picture.

and yeah anak ko ni willy - way lain and no choice. hahaha! kwim? ;)

asa naman ka naga stay ron? sa mintal gihapon ka? i didn't know that u got a son na. korean ba sya? foreign man gud ug name just like ate ana's (ceniza) son na si hyungton. as for me, coming soon pa. ;)

anyway, exchange links ta ha. i'll put ur link in my sidebar under APPETIZERS. ;) mag babye sa akong byuti kay manlaba pa mi. regards to uncle benny :)