For the past weeks I've been borrowing my friend's phone and USB connector. For what? Well because i happened to loose the CD installer of my phone's driver. Have i said that right? You know so i could connect it to my computer and extract my pics!Ü So I was borrowing her phone and transfer my files to it and then connect her phone to my computer using her USB connector! Hahaha so much hassle right. But then it was alright i thought, as long as i could get those pictures into my pc. Talking about drivers, i have stumble on a site that's a driver-library. I was trying to look for infos about camera drivers and how they work. And I had found my way to, a free online library that's what they say. It's a detailed encyclopedia of Windows drivers. They make you understand thoroughly what driver's do, how to maintain them, what they are used for and which devices they are associated with. Also they include infos on how to update and identify any outdated system. It's really helpful. It's a shame to say this. I'm a Comscie graduate but still I lack knowledge about these things. But then the has been a great help. They are Microsoft Gold Certified partner meaning you are assured that what they are telling you are coming from their expertise and excellence. Anyway so much about these, you better check for yourself.


It looks like its a new top of the line product that will be useful for our computers. Thanks for featuring them. God bless you and your loved ones always. Say hello to your little kid for me.