Make Your Wish Come True

Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you got a wish this Holiday? I got one, it's a new digital camera. To make my wish come true I came up to Santa and sat on his lap. Yes, I had my experience sitting on Santa's lap. But I didn't even drive for miles to do that. But how was I able to sit on Santa's lap? Thanks to CEIVA. I've just uploaded a photo that was special to me. It was one of a kind because it's very nostalgic. Brings me back to the old days, it made me wanna come back to being a little girl again. And seeing Santa makes me feel like one too. With that, Santa got what I'm wishing for. Also, I was able to share the video with my family back in the states where I can't spend Christmas with. But then having the CEIVA Photo Frame could bridge the distance with us, we could now connect to the moments that matter the most, specially this coming Christmas. Maybe you're wondering what this digital photo frame is. It's not like any ordinary photo frame you've known or you have in your homes. It's unique and special in it's own way. It's CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. What's unique about it? Well you can now share photos with your family and friends instantly! Yes instantly and from anywhere in the world. Sounds great isn't it. Another great thing about it is it receives photos from a cellular phones or from a computer in a blink of an eye. Yes you got that right. Check out CEIVA Photo Frame, 1 random entry selected for each day of the contest; cash prize of $500 per winner. See it now, it'll be worth it.


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