Earlier today I just found out that baby yen.yen is fond of Barney, like many other kids. I thought he doesn't enjoy Barney that much cause every time I'd play it, he would just continue playing with his toys. Not even stopping by to see what's on tv. But this afternoon I decided to play Barney, just to have some kiddy music on while yen.yen's busy playing around. I just close my eyes and let him play. I was still very groggy that time, I wasn't able to sleep that well cause of my asthma. I was a bit startled cause he went silent, and that would only mean he's up to something. But whe I opened my eyes I found him sitting in front of the tv, with his pillow and blanket. He was enjoying Barney! I really had a fun time watching him, he was even trying to sing along. And trying to repeat a word he hears. And I was glad cause finally I have something that would keep yen.yen behaved! Yey! And I also enjoyed watching Barney. Just Imagine became my favorite, i like it so much. I posted it as well for you to listen!Ü Enjoy.

Just Imagine (Reprise) - Barney

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