what do i love about my husband?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got this tag from sissy Bonz, I'm glad you've tagged me along! I had fun doin' this.Ü It brought out the love in me.Ü And I'm passing this tag to Joanna, i know you love your hunie so much, so spread the love! Wahehehe!~

I love Bien Peterson Du with all that i am.

i loved him way before we became lovers. we we're friends back then. constantly talking/flirting (hahaha!) over the phone. he had someone back then and i was someone he could talk to when he had problems. eventually i fell inlove with his humor and honestly. but he eventually dissapeared.

several months passed he showed up and we continued talking almost every night (on the phone). I thought i had gotten over him. he then flew to Cebu to pursue his studies. we sort of had an agreement that when he comes back it would be us (hopefully). He eventually asked me if I could be his girl, over sa text lang. But I never hesitated to say yes anyway! Hahahaha It was May 4, 2005 and what like they always say; the rest is history.

i love him with all that he is. no matter how much my friends hated and judged him way back in college, still i fought for what i feel. I never let that affect our relationship.

i love him for taking very good care of me. with him i am assured that i'm very well take care of. there are times that i don't have to move a finger cause he does almost everything for me. Mao na inggan kog pa señorita sa iyang mama. Duh!

i love him for making me feel safe and secure, and for showing that he'll do anything and everything for us.

i love him for loving me. he never made me feel less important and he had proven enough.

i love him for what he had become. He had grown so much. He now knows he's responsibilities and priorities. And for putting me and yenyen first on his list.

i love him for sticking it all out for me and for baby of course.

i love him for showing strength every time we encounter life's 'unfortunate circumstances'. he's so composed. he's my steady wall.

i love him for giving me such a beautiful son. Nasa genes yan! Nyahahaha.

i love him for loving our son. He's a hands-on dad, sobra pa sa hands-on. And i could see how yenyen adores him it even makes me feel jealous sometimes.

hmmmm... I don't really know what else to say. It's just overwhelming, words aren't enough to describe what I genuinely feel. Maybe all i can say is that I'm very thankful and blessed for having a man like him in my life. No matter how things shitty may become still we are driven to work this out. I know God has given me a wonderful man and we're going to love each other till our last breath.

Happy Hearts Day in advance everyone!

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